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<2021-10-22 Fri>   music

recorded Chhota Sa Hai. Vocals and lyrics by Vidya Daddaladka.

<2021-02-13 Sat>   jewelry

made a pair of ankle bracelets out of thin silver chains. The best soldering experience you will get!

<2020-10-21 Wed>   music

finally recorded my song Love is Contrived. Here are the lyrics. The background score is a healthy dose of guitar and synth!

<2020-01-26 Sun>   music

recorded a cover for the song Heer, originally performed by Junoon. The tabla beats had to be replaced by a D drone and reverb laden guitar chords.

<2020-01-05 Sun>   diy

decided to build my own jbod setup. I am very happy with the outcome! :) This post describes the setup.

<2020-01-01 Wed>   woodwork

tried my hand at wood carving! Several hours and bloody hands later: Success!

<2019-05-12 Sun>   woodwork

built a pair of full range speaker cabinets. Here's the end result. This was also a crash course in fixing wood working mistakes! Also, here's a nice way of cutting non-round speaker holes.

<2018-01-31 Wed>   music

recorded a cover for the theme music from Braveheart. Youtube didn't flag it, so it was probably bad :P

<2017-10-03 Tue>   food

made a gelatin art cake! Most beautiful piece of food I have made that you would love to throw away!

<2016-09-17 Sat>   food

made a Mango Passionfruit three layer cake. It took three days! Here is a pic before it was consumed.

<2015-12-01 Tue>   woodwork

built a music studio based on plans from here. Here is a pic of the final product.